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Dr. S. F. Roudnev

What water we drink, so long we live. Your first health problem is water because you drink the type of water which is recommended by science only for taking a shower. Water is not just Water. R.O. filtered water is not healthy water! Tap water after boiling is more dangerous than before. Bottled water contains hazardous chemicals from plastic diluted in water. Saving money on the water can shorten your life, even if you are not a smoker and drinker! Today almost nobody knows what kind of water to drink to stay healthy, but me. Is this knowledge still top secret information? Not anymore!

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Hello, I am Serguei F. Roudnev, Ph. D, scientist-oceanographer, independent water & wellness expert since 1991.

I started to distribute superior water purifiers for true water for life in 1991 to demolish the mess on the market of drinking water filters. Because people do really need not just pure, but true water for life, I became an authorized Multipure® independent distributor for superior Multipure® drinking water systems, ID#397754. If you are living in USA or Canada, become a distributor yourself to start making money from home without investment or any obligation.

Enjoy life fully. Drink it truly.

Science recommends using 2 different types of water - for inside and outside usage. The first type for inside, hard and neutral (drinking and cooking, tea, beer, wine, drinks) for human health. And the second type for outside usage only(!): soft and acid (for a shower, plumbing, drugs, vodka, etc.) In other words, the second type is dedicated for "plumbing health". This is extremely important, so, don't make a mistake. Most of you drink the second type of water and get health issues. That's why water is not just water.

For your health and longevity, I recommend you superior water purifier - CLICK ON PICTURE TO BUY NOW, model Aquaperform (MP880SB). The triple warranty provides you with 3-month money back guarantee, including your postage fee, 1-year warranty on all parts and faucet, lifetime warranty on the stainless steel case. You can even become a distributor yourself to earn extra income by working from home. To buy this filter click on the picture below. You can use my promo code: 397754 to get 5% discount. The promo code must be added at the time of purchase, and cannot be added after the order has been submitted.

The Better Way to Water

Multi-Pure® drinking water systems performance data

Tap Water Quality Database by Environmental Working Group

The presentation of water in graphic

Scientists trace cancer-causing chemical in drinking water back to methadone

Never build up any illusion regarding the safety of tap water and you won't get frustrated any more! In fact no matter how safe is tap water at Municipal Water Filtration Station in your City. Why?

Because of numerous cracks in the underground pipeline, the water becomes much more polluted and intoxicated with a long list of dangerous to life pollutants (like heavy metals, oil, rat poison, drugs, feces, gasoline, E-Coli, viruses, etc) which may be found in the soil. And the more rainy days we have the more dangerous tap water should be due to more intense so-called "water exchange" taking place under the ground level.

What happens in real life? When people come back home from a job in the evening they turn on tap water faucets at the same time... Pumps are too weak to provide all people with water at once with a proper pressure - so the air empties appear inside the pipes. When the air bubbles reach the location of the crack on the surface of the pipe, the soil penetrates inside the pipe due to the difference of pressure (pressure gradient) in and outside the pipe. So that the water becomes intoxicated and unsafe for drinking and cooking. The same situation was in Walkerton Town in 2000 in Canada, ON ( where 2200 residents were dramatically sick at once, and some even died. I mailed the recommendation to replace all pipeline directly to 2 ministers of ON (Health and Environment Ministries). Nobody said to me "thank you".

Remember - this is an international problem. So what is a better solution!?

First of all, please stop buying unhealthy plastic bottled water - the ocean is severely and dangerously polluted already (watch this video -! Plastic which the bottle is made from is a real poison due to dangerous chemicals which are dissolved in water you drink. A recent study conducted by the independent Orb Media non-profit journalism organization found that over 90% of all disposable plastic bottled water around the world is contaminated with plastic fibers and microplastic particles ( Protect your health and save this planet - get the right water filter today.

No matter where you live — in Canada, the USA, Russia or China. Tap water is always safe only for the toilet room. Tap water becomes more dangerous after boiling than before! A lot of people around the globe are still living with an illusion by drinking a tap water without proper and safe filtration. For example, tap water in Toronto city is contaminated mostly by industrial pollutants imported from the USA in terms of Niagara Falls. On the other hand, tap water should not be safe for drinking because more than 90% of the water we have to use for washing and toilet. Why should your government waste your money for flushing a toilet with high quality drinking water? This is really stupid. However, we have one more problem, that is visible only for experts — not any purified water is safe for inside. Without proper education there would not be a  true decision for you. Since that moment, you start thinking about it yourself, you would be able to understand all without unfair information on TV.

The important role of calcium and magnesium in drinking water.

It’s my duty and pleasure to help people like you to understand water much better. The time has come for the truth about the water we drink. Not any clean and pure drinking water is safe for your health, but only hard & alkaline. The use of soft water for inside increases the risk of heart and brain disease, osteoporosis, obesity, and many more. Don’t be fooled by ads on TV about "pure" water with 0.00 ppm of TDS, because these are a commercial fraud and ambush for simple people.

From the scientific point of view, the use of soft water breaks mineral balance in the human body. Soft drinking water can be called #1 invisible terrorist kindly and widely presented on the market as distilled water, reverse-osmosis water and just like any water without minerals, Ca & Mg!

To provide you with the scientific understanding of water, I created "Classification of water for life" in 2005 shortly presented here as follows. My suggestion was successfully approved by many scientists and simple people all over the world and at last scientifically documented by ***International Symposium on Health Aspects of Calcium and Magnesium in Drinking Water (24-26 April 2006 Baltimore, Maryland, USA).

„Beginning about 50 years ago, numerous epidemiology studies in many countries concluded that populations consuming „hard water“ containing calcium and/or magnesium have a lower risk of certain types of cardiovascular disease. These studies have not always observed the „hard water„ benefit effect but in 2004 a committee report to WHO concluded that, on balance, the benefits hypothesis was probably valid, especially for magnesium in drinking water...“

"The classification of water for life" by Dr. S.F. Roudnev, 2005

drinking & cooking TYPE 1 washing & shower TYPE 2
with minerals, Ca, Mg no minerals
TDS = 100-200 ppm TDS = 0 ppm
pH =/> 7 pH = 5.5
found in nature — surface, underground, organic spring water found in nature — rain, ice, snow, icebergs,
etc. Lake Onega, Lake Baikal (highly soft, but alkaline)
made by people 
products made of hard water, water with minerals added, milk, some drinks, juices, beer, wine, beverages
made by people
distilled, reverse-osmosis, boiled water, softeners, vodka, drugs
Type 1 is safe for inside & outside
Type 1 can be transformed into type 2  by boiling that makes water more acid and soft, so that multiple boiling of water is not recommended
Type 2 is not safe for inside Breaks a mineral balance Risk of heart & brain disease, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, etc.


To protect human health all drinks, including beer, juice, wine, and whiskey must be made with Type 1 water.

Notice. Get to know the difference between alkaline & alkalizing. Instead of consuming alkaline water or alkaline food I recommend consuming alkalizing water and food. Hard drinking water (with most important minerals as Ca & Mg) and mineralized food will be alkalizing the human body from inside out and controlling the stable value of true pH, which varies in different parts of the human body (for instance, pH in the stomach is 3, but in some places of colon pH is 7 as well as inside healthy cells). Otherwise, the usage of alkaline water (Kangen Water Systems, Xooma products, etc.) and alkaline food would damage normal pH balance in a stomach and colon system.

Remember. Science is not always truly presented on the market today. The truth is mostly ugly crooked by anticipated profit. Get educated truly yourself.

Why Multipure®?

First of all, thanks to the unique and powerful material named activated carbon fiber, which is applied inside any MP model and recognized as the most advanced adsorbent which is million times more powerful in comparison with activated carbon.

Activated carbon fiber is patented material. That’s why Multi-Pure filters are purifying considerably better and lasting greatly longer than any filter on the market. Multipure water filter is a biological system because an activated carbon fiber kills bacteria and viruses, that's why filtered water is free of any bacteria and ready to be drunk without boiling.

Multipure® Drinking Water Systems are the Best Buy on the market for Finest Quality (exceeds NSF standards!), Ecological Safety (no resin, iodine & silver!), Biological Safety (no more cysts, viruses, parasites!), Low Price (1 cent for 1 liter!). But much more important for health & longevity is True Organic Water with Ca, Mg & pH=7.

Technological Advantages.

As evidenced by independent laboratory testing and the certification of Solid Carbon Block filters, Multipure has been successful in developing the technology to produce filters that provide greater chemical adsorption and mechanical filtration. Materials are formed into a densely compacted Solid Carbon Block; compression enhances the kinetics of the filter and provides performance that cannot be achieved with granular activated carbon (GAC) filters. Compacted Solid Carbon Block filters have a large surface area to better facilitate adsorption. With a Solid Carbon Block, the water contact time is longer and provides for greater adsorption of many different chemicals, including pesticides, herbicides, and certain heavy metals. A close review of product listings confirms that Multipure's Drinking Water Systems are among the few that have been certified to reduce PCBs - a particularly difficult contaminant to reduce.

In addition, the densely compacted carbon block mechanically filters particles down to 0.5 microns, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium, asbestos, turbidity, and particulates. Multipure's filter design also incorporates a pre-filter to remove large particles and prevent premature clogging. Because Multipure's Solid Carbon Block filters are exceptionally uniform, they don't allow channeling or bypass - drawbacks inherent to GAC filters.

Summary. Solid carbon block filters effectively treat contaminants such as lead, chlorine, benzene, MTBE, chloramines, and PCBs. Solid carbon block filters will likely prove capable of significantly reducing contaminants that may be found in drinking water supplies in the future, such as antibiotics, drugs, and other personal care products. The effectiveness of Solid Carbon Block filters in treating a broad spectrum of contaminants of aesthetic as well as health concern makes it the bona fide technology of choice consumers throughout the country.

The advantage of Aquaperform (MP880) is obvious and crucial. There is a big and invisible problem with water in Northern America (USA & Canada) as Arsenic is presented in natural water resources in wells, underground water, tap water and in most liquids as milk, juice, and beer produced domestically. Arsenic or rat poison is a powerful poison, that is dangerous even in the smallest dose. The officially "safe" concentration of Arsenic is 10 ppb (1 ppb = 1/1000 part of 1 ppm). And there is only one — Aquaperform (MP880) water filter on the market today that removes Arsenic from water. I recommend you to drink always a beer imported from Europe and tap water filtered by MP880. It is better than tap water, bottled water, and all other water filters on the market today. True organic water — there is nothing better for people’s life. The only right type of water we have to use for inside is true organic water — hard and alkaline.

Multipure® Drinking Water Systems provide cleaner, more delicious, more healthful water whenever you need it, right at your kitchen sink. Multipure's exclusive Solid Carbon Block filter reduces a wide range of contaminants of health concern without removing the beneficial minerals in the water. This makes Multipure water ideal for everything from food preparation to cooking and drinking.

Multipure's innovative filter technology provides exceptional performance. The proof lies in the products' certification by NSF International to reduce a wide range of contaminants that affect the taste, odor, color, and healthfulness of the water. Multipure Drinking Water Systems reduce MTBE, chlorination byproducts, PCBs, chloramine, VOCs, heavy metals, and numerous other contaminants. Multipure Drinking Water Systems consistently meet the high standards and needs of its customers all across the world.

Almost all Multipure Drinking Water Systems include the necessary installation materials, and Multipure filters are economical, long-lasting, and easily maintained. Multipure provides a Lifetime Warranty on its system housings, as well as a one-year warranty on all accessories.

Multipure Drinking Water Systems offer superior quality, innovation, and performance, which means customers always get cleaner, tastier, and more healthful water. With a Multipure Drinking Water System, you always have the right drinking water at hand.

What Sets Multipure® Apart

Although most companies that sell drinking water systems offer devices that can treat chlorine in water, very few of those companies offer drinking water treatment systems that are NSF-certified to reduce contaminants under both NSF/ANSI Standard 42 (Aesthetics), NSF/ANSI Standard 53 (Health Effects), and NSF/ANSI Standard 401 (Emerging Contaminants). Multipure is one of the few companies whose products are NSF-certified to reduce such a wide array of drinking water contaminants, including such classes as disinfection byproducts or gasoline additives - contaminants that can get into water sources through pollution or leaks.

NSF certification is not something that every water filtration company is willing to put the effort toward. Any company can say their activated carbon block filter products meet NSF standards. But unless they can show official NSF certification, you cannot trust with absolute certainty that their activated carbon water purification system meets their claims with respect to contaminant reduction, and you cannot trust with absolute certainty that their water filtration system is not adding anything harmful to the water.

NSF certification requires continuous inspection and testing to make sure the certified company adheres to the highest standards of quality with respect to contaminant reduction. Thanks to NSF certification, Multipure activated carbon block water treatment products are ones you absolutely know you can trust. That is the Multipure difference.

Multipure is the industry leader because it is a pioneer in drinking water treatment, and it possesses the integrity and credibility due to intensive internal quality assurance confirmed by the rigorous scrutiny of NSF certification.

Multipure Drinking Water Systems

Multipure Drinking Water Systems utilize Multipure's innovative and proprietary solid carbon block filter. This filter employs multiple components and materials to reduce the presence of a wide variety of contaminants in water:

Mechanical Filtration:

The water passes through a pre-filter that traps dirt, sand, and particles that affect the taste and overall appearance of the water. After passing through the pre-filter, the water then passes through the solid carbon block, where particles as small as 0.5 microns are physically trapped by the filter. Asbestos, cysts, and particulates are reduced through mechanical filtration at the sub-micron level.

Electrokinetic Adsorption:

The pre-filter acquires a positive molecular charge as water passes through it. Since most contaminants exhibit a negative charge in water, the filter fibers electrokinetically attract these negatively-charged particles onto the positively-charged filter surface. Generally, these particles are too small to be trapped by mechanical filtration.

Physiochemical Adsorption:

The carbon block filter is a blend of selected activated carbons and other media that reduce aesthetic contaminants and health-related contaminants by adsorbing particles to its surface. Because the carbon block is densely compacted, it provides a longer contact time with the water, and thus, better performance than many other filtration technologies.

Nationally recognized standards established for the drinking water treatment industry confirm that the most effective systems for the removal of both aesthetic and harmful contaminants are those that utilize solid carbon block filters. Multipure is the original developer of solid carbon block technology, and has been the leader and innovator in the water treatment industry since 1970. Multipure, and its remarkable solid carbon block filter, is synonymous with superior quality and exceptional innovation. With a Multipure Drinking Water System, you are guaranteed the best.

Adsorption vs. Absorption

Multipure filtration utilizes a process called adsorption. Adsorption differs from the more commonly known absorption; adsorption refers to the transfer of the particles of a gas, liquid, or dissolved solid onto a surface, while absorption refers to the incorporation of a solid, liquid or gas into another solid, liquid, or gas.

The Multipure® filter uses adsorption to transfer contaminants onto the filter's surface and remove it from the water stream. The water itself is temporarily absorbed by the filter material (much like a sponge absorbing water), but the contaminants are adsorbed to the filter surface, creating a layer on the surface as it is removed from the water stream.

Contaminants mechanically filtered by the Solid Carbon Block filter:

Asbestos - mineral once used in building insulation; known to cause cancer

Cysts - dormant microorganisms that may include bacteria and parasites

Particulates - miscellaneous physical particles that can cause turbidity (general water cloudiness).

Contaminants chemically adsorbed or reduced by the Solid Carbon Block filter:

Chlordane - used as a pesticide

Lead and Mercury - types of metals; known neurotoxins that can poison the blood, nervous system, and brain

MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether) - used as a gasoline additive

PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) - a fluid used in many electrical components

Radon - a radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless gas

Toxaphene - a banned, highly toxic insecticide

VOCs - volatile organic compounds

Contaminants reduced through chemical reaction:

Chlorine and Chloramine - chemicals often used as disinfectants

Detailed Contaminant Reduction List

Multipure® Drinking Water Systems are NSF certified, and tested according to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 (Aesthetics), 53 (Health Effects) and 401 for the reduction of long list of dangerous contaminants

Bacteria & Virus Water Filtration

What Are Bacteria and Viruses?

We know bacteria and viruses can make you sick, but what are they, exactly?

Bacteria are microscopic organisms that can be found in the air, in the water, and on the land. Although some bacteria are actually beneficial, others can cause serious illness. These harmful bacteria are known as pathogenic bacteria.

A virus is a type of microscopic infectious organism that consists of an acidic nucleus in a protein shell. Viruses that infect humans and cause disease are called enteric viruses, and included such viruses as hepatitis A, rotavirus, and adenovirus.

How Does Multipure® Protect You From Bacteria and Viruses?

Although the core of our drinking water systems' incredible performance is our exceptional solid carbon block filter, the key to bacteria and virus removal is through our Aqualuxe drinking water system and our proprietary PureBlock technology. This powerful additional layer of protection offers 6-factor removal of bacteria (99.9999% removal) and 4-factor virus removal (99.99% removal) from water. In addition, the filter utilizes mechanical filtration, physiochemical adsorption, and electrokinetic adsorption to reduce the presence of other harmful chemicals and contaminants.

Multipure®'s Aqualuxe is NSF-certified according to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 (Aesthetic Effects), 53 (Health Effects), 401 (Emerging Contaminants), and Protocol P231 (Microbiological Purifier) for the reduction of dozens of contaminants. NSF Certification is a very high standard of quality, so you can be confident that our filters do exactly what we say they do.

Why Do I Need to Remove Bacteria and Viruses From My Water?

While some bacteria and some viruses can be benign, many bacteria and viruses in your drinking water can be very dangerous. Symptoms from exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses can include gastrointestinal issues, meningitis, hepatitis, and other very serious diseases. These are not organisms you would want contaminating the water you use to drink, prepare food, and cook with.

Order Your Water Filtration System Now —

If you are interested in protecting your drinking water from bacteria and viruses through Multipure®'s Aqualuxe drinking water system, or if you are interested in any of our exceptional water filtration products, please contact me, Serguei F. Roudnev, for more information.

A man is just an intellectual form of water (like ice, snow, etc.), invisible to him transforming to mold (when the mineral balance and pH balance are broken).

Resume. It is impossible to compensate for the absence of Ca & Mg in water we use for drinking and cooking by using pills with Ca & Mg. These minerals have to be dissolved in water before we use water for health benefits. For most people this simple rule is still hard to believe. Think yourself about WHY?!

The Better Way to Water


The article by S.F. Roudnev


Learn properly, friends, how to assimilate both food for the stomach, and food for the mind...

When you are fed generously and fully, ask yourself - "Is he a friend to me, an enemy or just a fool?"

When everything is on money and lies, it is so easy for them to even cheat you on the water...



It so happened that I was involved in the business of selling water filters as early as April 1991.

In the USSR at that time no one was engaged in this business, and in any store, especially, it was impossible to find an American filter in plastic packaging. By chance, a friend of mine - a businessman from Finland, who opened his office in Petrozavodsk, Toivo, a former pilot, decided to introduce me, at that time still a researcher of the Karelian branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (Department of Water Problems of the North), with an enterprising millionaire from the United States of Finnish origin named Penti (in Russian Petya or Petuhok). Penti suggested that I install an American filter under the washing of my own hands in my apartment and for free in exchange for information from the hydrochemical laboratory for water quality before and after cleaning..... The results of the analysis surprised everyone. So I agreed to continue the experiment on the stomachs of my compatriots, starting to distribute filters among, first of all, wealthy citizens-businessmen, underground millionaires, bankers, bandits, and mayors. I was the only one who didn't get the curve on which I got up. And that's just what I didn't find out.... So I quickly fell in love with a new job that gave me a sea of new acquaintances, connections. useful information of the widest spectrum, up to compromising on Russian politicians and intelligence. Who could have imagined then that the curve would lead me to a critical line when I had no choice but to immigrate to Canada as a political refugee (read on this topic - Unfinished arguments of the political immigrant - I have to stop there so that the 13-part novel in the style of "National Fishing Specialities" doesn't turn out. By the way, the general in this film speaks very beautifully about water and culture... Only in the place where he is fishing in a boat with a cat talking about the technology of making vodka at home and abroad, is very wrong.

Tap water. I don't recommend it!

Chlorinated water contains no chlorine, but its derivatives - hydrochloric acid (Cl q H2O q HCl q OH), chlororganics, as well as asbestos, lead, cysts, hundreds of chlorine-organic compounds (MTBE, TTHM, VOC, PCB, PCE), which are transformed into dangerous carcinogens,

Lead and asbestos cement pipes, cracks in them, rough water treatment make water unfit for food. Washing the head with tap water with chloramine causes baldness!!! (

Tap water is always safe only for toilet needs. Otherwise, it would be as expensive as gold.

How does water get into your faucet? Your city has its own water source - a lake or a river, on the banks of which are both water treatment and sewage treatment plants. At water treatment plants, water is cleaned mainly from large impurities to improve its organoleptic characteristics:transparency, taste and smell. Then the water is chlorinated and fed into the water system. In large cities, there are underground reservoirs located in some areas of the city halfway from the water treatment plants to your home. There, water accumulates in order to ensure that during the period of intensive use of water in the mornings and evenings, there were no interruptions with its supply due to falling pressure. Since the pipes laid underground are constantly rusting both outside because of moisture and water, and from the inside because of chlorine (hydrochloric acid), they are rife with numerous cracks from a few microns to centimeters. When pumps pump water from the transit reservoir towards your crane during rush hour, air traffic jams are periodically formed inside the pipes. At the moment when such an air traffic jam, moving with the water flow, reaches the location of the crack in the pipe, the following occurs. Because of the difference in pressure inside and outside the pipe, there is a sewage suction from the ground inside the pipe. Thus, there is a secondary infection of tap water, which from that moment is no longer safe from a biological point of view. Due to cracks in the water networks in all countries of the world, there are periodic cataclysms associated with mass infectious diseases of citizens. As a rule, they take place during the spring-autumn melting of snow and floods of rivers, when the underground soil is soaked with moisture as much as possible and the exchange of pollution between the ground and the water pipe is amplified many times. For example, in Canada, such an emergency situation occurred during torrential rains in May 2000, when in Walkerton, Ontario, more than 2,200 citizens fell ill with severe diarrhea, and 7 of them, aged and infants, died due to high concentrations in the E. coli virus and weak immunity. The immunity of infants and the elderly is five times weaker than that of middle-aged people. Cities with seismic instability are at greatest risk of such epidemics, where during earthquakes the underground water supply is severely damaged or completely shut down.

Bottled water. I don't recommend it!

Bottled water in plastic bottles is usually tap water, and it always contains vinyl chloride because of plastic packaging, and it is a cancer-causing carcinogen (

1 - This means the most harmful type of dishes. Plastic kettles are also dangerous. High cost, impracticality, high acidity, lack of useful minerals, the presence of fluoride (destroys immunity and bone at internal intake, prevents the absorption of selenium, thus increasing the risk of bowel, prostate and breast cancer)." Fluoride has long been banned in Japan and some European countries, but ... Not in America!" - Dr. Earl Mindell (Father of Vitamins)

Canada was the first in the world to recognize in 2010 toxic and dangerous to health - the substance bisphenol-A (BPA), which is used in the production of plastic utensils, including water bottles, as well as dental fillings, CDs, and many other household items. The harmful substance is contained in the inner coating of cans of beverages and as part of the filters for water type "jug". At the same time, the most dangerous is the use of such containers for drinks containing acid, as under its influence bisphenol-A is washed out of the package and dissolved in liquid. You can identify dangerous containers by the number 7 in the triangle at the bottom of the package.

In other words, any food, including water packed in plastic, is a real health threat despite any number in the triangle.

The general recommendation is that no matter how good the filter you have, never use the first serving of water because it is stagnant.

Reverse Osmosis Filters (RO). You better stay away from it! I don't recommend it!

Reverse osmosis (seawater desalinator) - to better understand what RO is, imagine a washing machine, inside which the powder (expensive membrane), with which the machine not only washes the laundry well but also washes the paint (picture) from the clothes completely. At the same time, more than 80% of the lined linen (filtered water or your money) merges into the sewer, and the rest goes into a storage tank with mold (for drying). It's acidic and unhealthy water. The more late the membrane is replaced, the more mold in the tank. In order to get 1 halo of filtered water, 3 to 9 gallons of already filtered water is used for the self-cleaning membrane. Sellers of these systems use the TDS sensor for the purpose of deliberately deceiving (!) buyers. TDS is a measure of the electrical conductivity-salinity of water, which is manifested through the presence in water of dissolved calcium, magnesium, and potassium, mineral salts essential for health. When TDS is 0, it means no calcium! Using the TDS sensor is the most egregious scam. Anyone who cheats or "self-deception" has no right to work in the water market! In fact, the sensor detects the appearance of cracks in the membrane, not the presence of sewage. RO water - only for photo labs, vodka, iron, for sea yachtsmen and submarines. Swiss company Katadyn, perhaps the only one on the market, calls such a system scientifically correct - desalination of seawater. R.O. filters are not friendly with nature! All the contaminants that the membrane removes are washed back into the water source, that is, returned to nature. The water after them is always stale, dead (without minerals), and acidic with pH = 5. It is not safe to drink such water and cook on it.

The filter jug.

The filter jug (Brita/Pur) is more for aesthetics. I guess, it can be used in Finland, where tap water is already treated wisely.

Since any tap water contains organic sewage, the sorbent materials in the cartridge are quickly covered with a film of mold that securely isolates sorbents and water from each other. After that, the water purification stops, despite the fact that the actual resource of the cartridge has not yet been completely exhausted. My comrades from the Brita Center in Moscow conducted several laboratory tests with Brita at the Institute of Human Hygiene and at the Military Medical Academy for their own horizons. Laboratory observations showed that already on the fifth day of operation the jug ceases to work effectively because of mold film. As the thickness of such a film increases, a certain part of its mass periodically falls off under its own weight and gets into the lower reservoir of the jug, infecting and contaminating the "filtered water". My recommendations are for those who use a filter-jug of any type of following. Remove the cartridge from the jug once a week and shake it hard to ensure that the inside ingredients are rubbed against each other in order to clean their surface. After this procedure, the first 2-3 liters of filtered water should be drained into the sewer.

The sinking capacity of the jug filter is so small that after removing from tap water a negligible amount of any heavy metal like lead in the first days of operation, the filter no longer removes the lead from the water.

If the cartridge is in filtered water in such a filter, which the instruction advises, many sewage quickly returns back to the water. Therefore, if the contact of the cartridge and filtered water lasted more than 2 hours, such water should not be used. If the cartridge was not in the water, the sorbent materials would be scattered in fine dust-like dander due to drying. All users for breakfast drink tea on substandard dirty water after a night infusion. Such a filter is the most expensive to maintain, and the worst in terms of water purification quality. If the jug is a German Brita, it removes calcium using soda and resin, harmful to the brain, and also contains silver, causing, like heavy metal, early aging of the body (often manifested in the form of dark spots on the face and blueness of the whites of the eyes - the "blue blood" of the White Guards)! Use only such a gravitational filter, in which the cartridge is not in purified water, and the materials are dense, not granular.

Filter nozzle on the faucet.

Filter nozzle on the faucet - at high flow speed, a small portion of sorbents is not able to clean the water efficiently. Water breaks through the channels, passing through which, bypasses the cleanup. Even the most effective PUR (Katadyn) do not remove Chloramine, Chloradine, VOC (51 names). Uneconomic. Below average cleaning quality.

The filter in the fridge.

The filter in the fridge is not leaky and fresh, but always bad, infused with stale, clogged sorbents water! Water always has the taste of the refrigerator and its accessories. Granulated activated charcoal is a breeding ground for pathogenic microbes. Inefficient and uneconomical. The lowest level of cleaning quality.

Tap water, boiled in the kettle.

Tap water, boiled in the kettle - Viruses and cysts (cryptosporidium) are not afraid of chlorine or boiling.

Chlororganic matters (TTHM - trihalomethanes) is transformed by boiling into cancer-causing carcinogens! Unfiltered tap water is much more dangerous to health after boiling than before it.

MLM water filters.

Shaklee, Nikken, and other network companies, despite colorful advertising, are not competitors of Multi-Pure.

Any of the Shaklee and Nikken filter models have serious drawbacks as they do not remove the full range of harmful impurities from the water. The last two companies are Japanese and their filters are the same middle-quality class. But of these two only Shaklee does not hide the shortcomings of their filters and tries to eliminate them, and Nikken and Amway are silent. The filters of the company Quixtar/Amway are very good, above the middle class of cleaning quality, but very expensive and require sometimes electricity and maintenance, but do not remove fluoride, arsenic, and more. Better they work with water multi-stage royal filter Doulton from England. Wise Herbalife at one time gave up filters because everyone has to do his own thing. In Karelia, I tested a filter for Mark Hughes in the laboratory of the Academy of Sciences, and the filter received a medium mark and my recommendations - not to distribute it in Russian cities so that the company avoided unnecessary problems with the mass return of filters. A year after the failed experience, the filters were taken off production for good.

The softeners in the basement.

Water filtered by a softener (for the whole house) - never use such water in the kitchen. The kitchen should be connected with chlorinated municipal water directly! Softeners prepare water only for bathrooms, dishwashing machines, etc.. No company installs softeners correctly! If your house already has a water softener, arrange an extra cold water pipe, bypassing the software, directly to the kitchen and install the right filter under the sink.

Water from melted ice.

Melted water - water from melt ice does not contain useful mineral salts (they leave the water when ice forms through capillaries).

I have long been convinced of this during the study of the physical properties of sea ice during the 25th Soviet Marine Antarctic Expedition on D.E. Mikhail Somov in 1979-80.

Silvered water.

Water with silver inside.

Such water is dangerous for your health. In Tsarist Russia there was a catchphrase about officers - "blue blood." In the officer's families always used table tools made of silver. As a result of silver entering the blood, the whites of the eyes acquired a blue tint. With the accumulation of silver in the body, it is also possible to have age spots on the face. An example of silver water, which I do not recommend, is the products of the network company XOOMA. Moreover, the water after their minerals is super-click. The stomach will not like it, and the body water will reach already with a lowered pH. Remove the pigment spots from the skin on the face can be used by the use of inside tea karkade. Personally, I managed it in 10 days.

Remember, there are two different product groups. Some of them are alkaline in the analysis of pH, but they do not work, as they quickly lose their properties. Others, not being super-clickers, work as products regulating and stabilizing acid-alkaline balance from within the body. An exceptionally excellent example of such products is the legendary Austrian tincture on 13 herbs, invented by the brilliant scientist Karl Jurek in 1922. On the product, see the paragraph True pH on the page True Health on this website or go directly to the product -

Filters produced domestically in Russia.

Russian filters - those that contain shungites (from Karelia Republic, Lake Onega) - emit a huge and harmful concentration of zinc! Mr. Kalinin, a geologist and researcher at the Karelian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who initiated a business on the shungite and advertising company about the non-existent magical properties of The Karelian Mineral, blushed thickly in my office and was silent when I told him about the "properties" of his favorite shungite in 1997. Artificial iodine is very harmful, as getting into the filtered water can cause thrombophlebitis in healthy people (blood clots in blood vessels)and negatively affects the thyroid gland.

Wrong filters.

Illiterate filters - Without naming them, I will say that they use the so-called KDF-media composition, designed not to filter drinking water, but to purify hot water for the shower! KDF-media consists of zinc and copper (in powder) and increases the concentration of copper and zinc above the norm, so for drinking purposes, I do not recommend using it! We need copper and zinc, but not in such high doses.

According to the NSF laboratory data, the filters of the following companies do not remove rat poison from the water (the tap water contains five-valent Arsenic V), and are significantly inferior to Multi-Pure filters in the spectrum and depth of purification and absorption capacity: Brita, Nikken, E-Spring, Kangen Water, Aquasana, Pure, Cuno, Shaklee, as well as all other filters, including the filters installed in the refrigerators.

The filter's absorption capacity is the most important and important characteristic of the filter, which is associated with its performance or the ability to clean highly effectively over a long period of time (months and years) without significantly reducing the cleaning rates for the main pollutants (usually 2-7% by the end of the year). That is why the absorbing power of the filter is never specified in its instructions. Otherwise, you would never want to buy anything other than Multi-Pure. That's why I tell the users of this MR filter that the frequent replacement of the interchangeable cartridge (once a year) reminds me of the replacement of the light bulb, which has not yet burnt out....

Wrong and extremely expensive so-called pH balance water filters.

Water after ionizers is water obtained through the use of electrolysis.

The basis is the division of water into alkaline and acidic components. Alkaline water is recommended to be used inwards, and sour for disinfection, for example, for skin and for watering cacti.

Modern developments of Japanese scientists, allowing to receive water with a high hydrogen content, are presented in the form of ingenious designs. The water that has passed through such structures is endowed with the properties to kill many pathogenic bacteria, cleanse the intestines, improve metabolism, strengthen the immune system, rejuvenate the skin. Such water is also used in swimming pools, hotels, restaurants, and agriculture.

So-called structured water.

Structured water is water that I don't believe in for health.

Remember that tap water can carry in itself - viruses of hepatitis, bird flu and much that no one will warn you. Boiling does not kill cristo-sporodium, and hepatitis, because of insufficiently low boiling point (99 degrees C ). Such parasites die only when boiling in the autoclave (under pressure), where the temperature is 120 degrees C. In order to choose the right filters or water, you can use one golden rule. Water is a food product and must be consistent with THREE PRINCIPLES. Water should always be - FREE, FREE and FRESH. If the filter design does not guarantee you this - do not buy such a filter. These include all filters in which water is required to be stored after cleaning (filters-jugs, storage tanks of Resiz-Osmosis filters, filters in the refrigerator, bottles)

Water from the underground.

Water spring, and from the well. Don't be under any illusions.

The world is poisoned and poisoned very seriously. And at the same time, a lot of things continue to be hidden from us. The closer to the surface waters is your water intake, the more sewage of organic origin, sewage from landfills, pig farms, burial grounds, and cemeteries. Groundwater can be with undesirable surprises and unexpected for you - as in the ground everything mixes almost like in the ocean, especially during the rainy season. The deeper your well, the more heavy metals and radionuclides are in the water. It follows the conclusion that drinking groundwater from any "wonderful natural spring" is not safe without prior filtration and without laboratory checks for greater certainty.

I remember one case in my life when a disappointed resident of Karelia came to my petro-factory office in 1996. He built a house in the middle of nowhere on a high rock and was absolutely sure of the complete safe water from a deep well, as there was no factories and factories insight. But his hands dropped when the laboratory showed the presence of nitrates in the water exceeding the permissible norms several times!

When I moved to the Canadian province of Ontario, I read from the newspapers that the life expectancy of the people of the northern part of the province is much lower than that of southerners who live in cities closer to the border with America. The reason was that numerous landfills of various industrial wastes from Canada and the United States, long poisoning the environment, can not contribute to the health and longevity of the inhabitants of northern Ontario!

Now you know how to make the right choice. I hope so at least.

Choosing a filter/water is the choice of standard of living. A choice generated by your own consciousness on the basis of full and truthful scientific information, not the mercantile desire of the seller. Making this right choice, you choose not a filter and not water, but a lifestyle, good health and additional years of life. Now you are your own Master.

It is very important to know that drinking water is not only a Number ONE Food. Numerous and popular arguments about the medicinal properties of water, thanks to which, supposedly, water is able to produce a unique cleansing of the body from toxins and toxins do not correspond to reality. In fact, it is not water of one type or another that cleanses the body. The body is cleansed with a pair, where the first and main role is performed by the glutathione (GSH) - never mix it with gluten! Read True Health - True GSH on this website. It is the glutathione (GSH) that neutralizes harmful chemical compounds like fluoride, lead, mercury, viruses or radionuclides. Water does just the final routine job of excreting toxins that no longer cause harm to the body through the kidneys.

And the role of water of the right type (hard and neutral), containing calcium and magnesium, is reduced in the process of cleaning the body to create unique conditions, which need glutathione (GSH) to more effectively neutralize toxins and heavy metals. And this is called mineral balance or the basis for both: acid-alkaline and bacterial balances. Therefore, water should not be treated as magnetic or structured as a substance with medicinal properties. In other words, the most important role in the life of the body is performed by the next trinity - water as the main circulating material and vector of trace elements, necessarily together with dissolved in it main minerals - calcium and magnesium; and glutathione (GSH) as the main protein with multifunctional properties (antioxidant, neutralizer, purifier and immunity fuel).

Therefore, the use of water in sufficient quantities is not only associated with the fight against dehydration. Much more important is the other: with low water consumption, the effectiveness of the glutathione (GSH) is drastically reduced, and the intoxication of the body and its aging is accelerated. Water helps the glutathione (GSH) in its work by its quantity and quality. Conversely, the glutathione (GSH) helps the water to cope with its functions in the same way. All other micronutrients perform an important, but always a secondary role for both health and longevity.

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